A stub is a very short article, often a paragraph or less, containing an insufficient amount of information. You can help the X-Men Wiki by finding stubs and editing them, adding more information, and thereby expanding them. As the X-Men Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia, any user can contribute to any article.

The page you were previously visiting is probably a stub. You can help the X-Men Wiki grow by clicking the "back" button on your browser and then expanding that page.

If you create an article that is a stub, please put this at the end of the article: {{stub}}. Doing so will display this message:

If you saw that message on the article, but the article is developed well beyond stub status, please feel free to remove the tag. If the article is much longer than a stub but still incomplete, rather than marking it as a stub, please add the {{incomplete}} template to the beginning of the article.

Featured stub

In order to improve the X-Men Wiki, a random stub, or the featured stub, is featured on the Main Page. It is a chosen stub that needs improvement. Any user is allowed to improve the article, and it is appreciated if you decide to do so; however, only administrators can remove the stub notice. Any administrator can remove the stub tag at any time, but they must switch the stub on the main page.

Thank you for helping the X-Men Wiki grow!

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