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To write a new article, just enter the article title in the box below. Also, their have been many new fake pages made like Honnor Man and others. I know they were all made by the same person and I want him to stop. If you want to make a page, make it of a real X-man not someone you came up with.

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Bird Brain
Is the 107th member of the X-men, he was created by writer Louise Simonson and artist June Brigman and first appeared in New Mutants #56 vol.1. Bird brain was rescued by the New Mutants from an island inhabited by the Ani-Mator who created Bird Brain and many other just like him. After stopping the Ani-Mator Bird-Brain stayed at the island to help the other Ani-Mates.

Bird Brain has the power of flight along with the DNA of a bird giving him talons and a beak.


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