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Rogue is a mutant who can absorb life energy from other people.


Marie (Rogue) grew up in Meridian, Mississippi but ran away from home after her power manifested. After kissing her boyfriend, she started draining his life energy and he was consequently left into a coma. Afraid of herself and how she could hurt others, she left her home and ended up in a fight bar in Canada. Not really knowing what to do she stayed there for a while

Rogue in Storm's classroom

and happened to witness a fight between Wolverine (Logan) and another costumer who had figured out that he was a mutant. Believing he would understand her, she hid in his truck but was soon caught. Unable to leave her alone on the road, he agreed to give her a ride; as he drove she explained how she was incapable of touching people without hurting them,
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Cyclops saves Rogue

and they quickly bonded. Soon after, they were attacked by Sabretooth who seemed to be after Wolverine; however Cyclops and Storm arrivde at the scene and managed to get rid of Sabertooth and save both Wolverine and Rogue from an explosion. She was then introduced to the X-Men and given a room at the mansion, she becames friends with Bobby Drake (Iceman) and John Allerdyce (Pyro), although she remained shy and distant fearing to hurt any of them. Shortly after being welcomed she became involved in an accident with Wolverine.

Logan (Wolverine) and Marie D'Ancanto (Rogue)

While trying to sleep she heard Logan having a nightmare and tried to wake him. However, in his rage, Logan stabbed her in the chest with his claws. Terrified he started to ask for help, the injured Rogue touched Logan's face in order to absorb his healing abilities but as she did so, his life became drained. Scott, Jean and Storm who tried to help Logan, who seemed to be unwell. Frightened and scared of what she had done, Rogue tried to calm down, but was tricked by Mystique in the form of Bobby and decided to leave the mansion. Magneto attempted to capture her at a train station, and succeeded as the X-Men believed Magneto was really after Wolverine.

Rogue using her powers

When Senator Kelly arrived at the mansion, the X-Men realised that Magneto intended to use her to absorb his abilities in order to power a machine that could only be operated using Magneto's abilities, but when weakens the user so much that it will kill them if it used for long periods of time. Magneto intended to use the machine to mutate world leaders. The X-

Marie want the Cure

Men (Cyclops, Storm, Jean and Wolverine) stopped the plan, but she was left with the white streak in her hair from her absorbtion of Magneto's life energy.


Rogue's boyfriend is Bobby Drake aka Iceman. She also has a strong fatherly relationship with Wolverine/Logan.