Kurt Wagner
aka The Incredible Nightcrawler is a mutant who can teleport himself to wherever he wants as long as he knows where he is going.


His scenes with Mystique leaves it ambiguous as to whether or not she is his mother. He is much more of a tragic character than a prankster.

Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler

His bamf is a dark navy blue flash of smoke, as opposed to the bright reddish-purple as it appears in the comics.

Nightcrawler has blue flesh instead of blue fur. His skin is also decorated by "angelic symbols" which reflects his faith and Catholicism. It is self-inflicted.


Logan and Nightcrawler

Nightcrawler is brainwashed by William Stryker in order to attempt an assassination on the President of the United States.

The opening scenes are almost a showcase of Nightcrawler's powers, and he takes part in much of the action throughout the film, but is never officially initiated into the X-Men.