Name Amara Juliana Olivia Aquilla
Gender Female
Species Human Mutant
Powers Ability to generate and control lava, Fire manipulation, Earth manipulation
Introduced In New Mutants #8 (October 1983)
Team Affiliations X-Treme Sanctions Executive, X-Corporation, New Mutants, New Hellions, Hellions, X-Men

Magma (real name Amara Aquilla, but also known as Alison Crestmere) is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics series New Mutants, but also associated with various X-Men-related comics. She was created by author Chris Claremont and artist Bob McLeod, and debuted in New Mutants #8 (October 1983) with most of the other main characters. Like all the other New Mutants, Amara originally appeared as a young mutant aspiring to become a hero. Amara, a mutant with the ability to generate lava joins the New Mutants and becomes Magma. Magma is a shy fictional character and at times can be insecure, her temper does not get flared easily but when it does she is in rage.