Jubilee (Jubilation Lee)

Jubilee demonstrating her powers

is one of the 1990's recriuts of the X-men. Jubilee was created by writer Chris Claremont and artist Marc Silvestri, she first appeared in Uncanny X-men #244 (May 1989). For a while Jubilee was the X-men's youngest member and she was often a sidekick to Wolverine. After a time, Jubilee joned the team Generation X led by Banshee and the White Queen. Jubliee was born in Beverly Hills, CA and her parents were chinese-american immigrants. Her amazing gymnastic ability could've taken her to the olympics but her world came down when her parents were murdered by hitmen. She was put in an orphanage but didn't remain there long before running away to the Hollywood mall. Stealing food to survive, she was running away from mall security when she first discovered her powers and used them to distract mall security. It occured to her that she could make money for herself by putting on shows. But the mall security became annoyed by this and hired a mutant hunting agency (also called the M-squad). She was captured but saved by Dazzler, Rogue, Psylocke, and Storm, she was curious and followed the women into a portal which led her to the X-men's temporary base in the australian outback. The only X-man aware of her being there was Gateway (the one created the portal). She stole food and clothes from them and remained unnoticed, Colossus notices the missing food but is to distracted when they are attacked by The Nanny. Jubilee defeats the Nanny when she finds out she is immune to telepaths so she can't be hypnotized. After that she remains at the base until the X-men abandon it and the Reavers capture Wolverine and retake the base. While snooping around the base, Jubilee discovers Wolverine outside nailed to an X-shaped cross. The Reavers go inside to avoid an oncoming storm so Jubilee risks being seen to save Wolverine. They escape from the base to Madripoor, there they have to defeat [[1]] and [Hand] . Jubilee flies around the world with Wolverine helping him bring many criminals to justice (though she does not enjoy the flying part). Wolverine introduces her to Professor X who accepts her into the X-men and she is seen many times in the future (mostly being Wolverine's unofficial sidekick). After many events with the X-men and Generation X Jubilee loses her powers on M-day. Devistated, Jubilee later joins the New Warriors in a technological suit (Calling herslelf Wondra instead of Jubilee). But the New Warriors also disband after time and Jubilee moves to San Fransico. Recently, Jubilee was turned into a vampire by Xarus and Wolverine too while trying to save her.