Havok (Alex Summers) is the ninth member of the X-Men and the middle child in the Summers family, including Cyclops, Vulcan and his dad Corsair. Havok was created by Arnold Drake, Don Heck. and Neal Adams first appeared in Uncanny X-men # 54 March 1969. Havok also is a member of the Starjammers along with his dad, and with his love interest, Polaris. Havok has never been completely fond of his older brother Cyclops because of his "always serious" and authoritative attitude. Havok has also never liked Vulcan either because he has to fight against him to end his ruling over Shi'ar Empire when Havok is in the Starjammers. Havok and Cyclops however didn't know each other for most of their entire life, due to a plane accident. They where on a plane which caught on fire and he and Cyclops survived, while Vulcan is incubated on Shi'ar. They were put in an adoption center where Havok was quickly adopted, but not Cyclops. They first discover they were related when Havok is in college.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Havok can absorb cosmic energy and use it for energy blasts out his hands he also has immunity to cyclops concussion beams.