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Emma Frost
is a mutant that with the ability to shift into an indestructible living diamond form. She also possesses strong telepathy.


Emma Frost was a member of the Hellfire Club, otherwise known as the Inner Circle. The Hellfire Club was lead by Sebastian Shaw. She was his right-hand woman and represented Shaw in places he was not able to go.
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Emma Frost vs. Magneto

Emma protected Shaw and carried out his devious plans. In her mind she believed she was doing what was right for mutantkind. Other members of the Hellfire Club included Riptide (Janos

Emma in Hellfire Club's base

Quested), Azazel, and Angel Salvadore. Representing shaw in russia, Emma was captured by a CIA team led my Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr. She was then taken to a CIA holding center. She was then freed from the holding by Magneto and his first Brotherhood of Mutants.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Emma using her powers

Emma, a platinum haired beauty and close ally of Sebastian Shaw, is a telepath who possess a diamond-like skin that is really strong (it could have been shattered when Magneto strangled her with metal). Like Charles Xavier, she can project her thoughts and will into another's mind. It is implied that she might be stronger than Xavier but this takes place before
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White Queen in diamond form

the first X-Men movie, where he was a lot more powerful. She can also create illusions in another person's mind. Her weakness is that if she is shattered in diamond form, she cannot turn back to regular form. She showed that she was able to create an illusion in a Soviet General's mind that he was caressing and kissing her, when in reality he was simply hugging and kissing the air.

X-Men Edit


Wolverine saves Emma

Her sister, Kayla Silverfox, works for Stryker under the agreement that Emma will be freed from the Weapons Facility, though Stryker later reneges on their agreement. Emma assists in the escape attempt of the other captured mutant children, using her diamond form to block incoming bullets from hitting them, and then shields Cyclops so he can defeat the

Emma Frost is a X Men

attacking guards. Later on as they escape, she along with Cyclops and the other mutants find another mutant named Charles Xavier and left with him to be safe.