'Dazzler (Alison Blaire)' is the 22nd member of the X-men created by Tom ' DeFalco and artist John Romita Jr.,Dazzler first appeared in. When Dazzler was young,her mom abandoned her leaving her alone with her dad, her dad wanted her to take up the family buisness (being a lawyer) but Alison wanted to be a singer. Alison discovered her powers during a high school talent show and decided she would use her powers to become a famous singer using her displays of light to put on an amazing show she became a famous singer. Dazzler's fame all fell when the public found out she was a mutant so she dropped out and joined the X-men. There she fell in love with longshot and after it was announced that he was dead she went back to her passion, Dazzler was also briefly a member of the Excalibur .

Powers and ablities Edit

Dazzler converts sound vibrations into various forms of light which can be used to blind people or it can be shot at people and amaze people by using light of all different colors.

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