Bird Brain
Name none
Gender male
Species ani-mate
Powers Flight
Introduced In New Mutants vol. 1 #56
Team Affiliations New Mutants

Bird Brain (his real name) is the 117th member of the X-men. Bird Brain was created by writer Louise Simonson and artist June Brigman he first appeared in New Mutants vol.1 #56 (Oct. 1987) Bird-Brain was created by the Ani-mator an enemy of the X-men and is just one of the Ani-mates a group of experiments that combines human and animal DNA. The Ani-mator Did extremely painful experiments on his creations but bird-brain managed to escape he made it to the Xavier Institute and the New Mutants took him in, all except Cypher. Cypher did not build up a liking to him becuase Wolfsbane (he loves her) was paying to much attnetion to Bird-Brain, Bird-Brain can not speak the regular human language but cypher can translate any language but he refused to translate him. After Cypher finally agreed to translate Bird brain told everyone of the Ani-mator and what he was doing they helped out immediatly stopping the Ani-mator, but sadly it was not before he shot a bullet at Wolfsbane cypher jumped in the way, took the bullet for her, and died. While bird brain was at the institute he had some issues with socialism because he ate every thing of food he saw because food was a reward for being good on the island, but on the bright side despite not being able to speak he had a good sense of humor. After the fight Bird-brain stayed with the Ani-mates on the island and has not been seen since then.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Bird brain 's only known power is flight, but he has the DNA of a bird so he has equipped talons and a beak a well.