is a mutant whose wings give him the ability to fly.


As a child Warren Worthington III grew a pair of wings, ashamed of this mutation he attempted to cut them from his back only to be found in the process by his father. This provoked his father, Warren Worthington II, into

Warren talking with your father

developing a "cure" for the mutant gene. Many years later his father tried to cure his son only for Angel to spread his wings and fly away. He goes to the X-Mansion asking for being accepted as a student.

When the X-Men were fighting Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants in Alcatraz, Warren arrives to save his father from Quill, Psylocke and Arclight and takes him, safe, on the Golden Bridge. After the battle, he joins the other student at the Institute, now run by Storm.

Character traitsEdit

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Warren Worthington III aka Angel

Warren is a mutant who has always been scared by his nature, due to his father's hatred towards mutants. He was so feared of telling his father the truth that, as a child, he tried repetedly to cut off his wings with snips. When grown up, Warren learnt to accept his nature to the point of refusing Dr. Rao's cure, escaping and searching for a place in which mutants are

Angel go to Mansion X

accepted just as they are.

His power doesn't just make him have a pair of huge wings, it also modifies his body to allow the flight. Angels has very strong muscles, so they can substain all the body, and has cave bones, so he's very light.